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I cannot activate my Macmillan Practice Online code, why? 

A Macmillan Practice Online code has 3 letters and 12 numbers like this: MPO123456789012. If you enter your code and can't activate it, you will receive one of these messages:

‘Please enter a valid code’ 
Make sure you are using a Macmillan Practice Online code, which starts with letters MPO and is followed by numbers, like this: MPO123456789012.

If you are using a valid code, you may have already activated your code and you will just need to sign in.

'There is a problem with your submission. Could not find that subscription_code.' 
If this message appears, check the code and re-enter it, making sure there are no extra spaces.

'There is a problem with your submission. Captcha not correct.' 
The Captcha is the verification letters you entered. If you see this message, re-enter your code and the new verification letters you are given.

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