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Busy Board

Topic-based Interactive Whiteboard resources for primary students
Encourage active involvement in the classroom with Busy Board. Each level contains ten topic areas which improve lexical and content knowledge through interactive games that get students moving and motivated to learn. The software can be used as stand-alone material or to complement any primary course book.

Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot install the software. What do I do?

There are several possible causes of incomplete installations. Please click on this FAQ to learn more.

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I am seeing an ‘installer file damaged’ error message. What should I do?

The error 'installer file damaged' that you are seeing is a general error message from Adobe Air installer.

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I see a message with ‘This CD-ROM is not approved’. What should I do?

Please ensure that you are using an original copy of the CD. If the CD is not an original it will not work due to copy protection.

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I have lost my CD-ROM / I have damaged my CD-ROM. Can you offer me a replacement?

We are not able to offer you a replacement if you have lost or damaged your CD.

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My anti-virus is not allowing me to install the product. What can I do?

The problem you are experiencing may be because your antivirus software is reporting a 'false positive' result or otherwise interfering with the installation process.

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